2020 State Employment Reporting

July 17, 2020

Arizona’s Payroll Employment Increases for Second Consecutive Month
Arizona’s nonfarm employment rose by 2.7% in June on a month-over-month seasonally-adjusted basis, following a 2.3% revised gain in May.  However, the state's job market is still trying to dig itself out of a deep hole from the March-April period when payroll employment fell by 0.7% (m-m) in March and a whopping 9.2% (m-m) in April.  Cumulatively, the state lost nearly 300 thousand jobs over the March-April period and has recovered 137 thousand of that loss or 46%.  However, in comparison with the nation's jobs recovery of only 33.8% of its 2020 job loss over that same period, the state's decline has been more moderate than the nation, and the cumulative recovery stronger relative to the loss.       

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Arizona Employment Pattern During Past U.S. Recessions (Indexed to Peak in U.S. Economy)